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The SC/ST Students Cell addresses academic and non-academic issues and complaints received from students belonging to the SC and ST communities. The Institute strives to ensure an environment where all communities can participate in academic and research activities without any sort of caste-based discrimination, without any sorts of other discrimination. In order to maintain such an atmosphere, the SC/ST Students Cell is responsible for sensitizing the campus community and freeing up people from caste-biases: either conscious or sub-conscious.

The Cell aims to ensure that anti-discrimination laws in the context of caste are followed in letter and in spirit. The Institute is proud to implement reservation schemes as sanctioned by the Indian Constitution and as mandated by the Government.

File a Complaint

The Cell is where complaints by students about discrimination and/or harassment are to be brought up. We encourage students to feel free to write to the following email address. In addition to email, one can also consider filing a complaint here either anonymously or otherwise. The Cell strives to ensure that anonymity is maintained throughout the investigation. It is a part of the procedure that once the complaint is filed, then within 48 hours, one or both conveners will set up a meeting with the student filing the complaint to explain the procedure of remedy (towards the grievance) and punishment (of the discriminator). This meeting is usually face-to-face and scheduled at the earliest after the complaint is filed.

The Cell is currently convened by Prof. Bharat Adsul, Department of Computer Science and Engineering and co-convened by Prof. Madhu N. Belur, Department of Electrical Engineering. See more about the cell's committee in the "Structure" tab and also our current and past active members in the "Acknowledgements" tab.

The Cell welcomes any suggestions and ideas from the students to improve upon.

Core Committee Members

Designation                Name                    Email

Associate Dean AP                            Prof. Suvarn S. Kulkarni

Associate Dean SA                            Prof. George Mathew

ARP Coordinator                                Prof. M. P. Gururajan 

SC/ST Liason Officer                         Dr. S. G.Patil              

SWC Incharge                                   Ms. Hima Anaredy     

General Secretary (Hostel Affairs)     Mr. Kartik Bacchav     

Student Representative                     Mr. Naveen G             

Student Representative                     Ms. Meenakshi Bhagat

Member                                             Prof. Ramesh Bairy    

Member                                             Prof. Pramod Kumar  

Co-convenor of the cell                     Prof. Madhu N. Belur  

Convenor of the cell                          Prof. Bharat Adsul       


Department-Level Special Faculty Advisors

Department                           Faculty Advisor            Email

Aerospace Engineering                                             Prof. Rajkumar S. Pant

Chemistry                                                                  Prof. Rajarshi Chakrabarti

Chemical Engineering                                               Prof. Swati Bhattacharya

Civil Engineering                                                       Prof. Pinom Ering        

Computer Science and Engineering                         Prof. Bharat Adsul       

Electrical Engineering                                               Prof. Sibiraj B. Pillai     

Energy Science and Engineering                             Prof. Sandeep Kumar  

Humanities and Social Sciences                              Prof. Ramesh Bairy     

Mathematics                                                             Prof. B.K. Das              

Mechanical Engineering                                           Prof. Rakesh Mote       

Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science     Prof. Indradev Samajdar

Physics                                                                     Prof. P.P. Singh            

IDC                                                                           Prof. Alka Hingorani     

SOM                                                                         Prof. Rajendra Sonar   

CTARA                                                                     Prof. Parmeshwar Udmale

CSRE                                                                       Prof. Alok Porwal          

CUSE                                                                       Prof. Himanshu Burte   

Climate Studies                                                        Prof. Subimal Ghosh    

SysCon                                                                    Prof. Srikant Sukumar   

DESE  (Energy Science)                                         Prof. Sandeep Kumar    

CRNTS                                                                    Prof. Anil Kottantharayil 

ET                                                                            Prof. Sridhar Iyer           

IEOR                                                                        Prof. Jayendran Venkateswaran

GEOS                                                                      Prof. Santanu Banerjee 

CPS                                                                         Prof. Malish C M            

ESED                                                                       Prof. Amritanshu Shriwastav

Brief history of our cell

Since 1990s, the institute had a "faculty advisor" of SC/ST students dealt with various difficulties faced in the context of ST students.  Past faculty-advisors include Prof. Pushpa Trivedi (HSS), B.L. Tembe (Chemistry), Prof. Kushal Deb (HSS). The SC/ST students cell was formed in 2017 with the convener as Prof. Arindam Chowdhury (Chemistry). The current conveners took over from him in 2021. The past faculty-advisors and the past conveners have helped the cell its steady growth, and the cell has also benefited much from various other institute functionaries: both past and present.